About Chairman

Er. Mukesh Bhaskar is CASCAB Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer.He is a young successful entrepreneur in spices industry known as CASCAB. Worked for more than 14 years to learn the development of Entrepreneurship and also achieved training for the prestigious Educational institutes like C.I.P.E.T. And Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Institute of Rural Technology & Management etc. Along with this F.M.C.G. product manufacturing industry also running in India and are continuous research to produce & sell the best quality products.

“My Target Is to Produce More Entrepreneur in India"

I am here commited to provide best quality products in reasonable prices to our consumers and also ensure to give them a strong financial life.

Er. Mukesh Bhaskar

Founder & Chairman

Company profile
  • CASCAB is a Fast Growing Spices Industry in Center India.
  • Our Company Always Searching for More Ways to Provide the High Quality of Spices at The Most Affordable and Reasonable Prices.
  • CASCAB Use Traditional Process with Technology for Manufacturing Masala Product Etc.
  • our company is to give quality product and good taste of MASALAS in a sealed pack without losing the traditional values like aroma, taste and color.
  • Our management strategy defines our growth with our experience and the trust by our customers our motto from the inception is QUALITY, QUALITY & QUALITY.
  • Our company is being managed by Er. Mukesh Bhaskar. He has got his spice making training & E.D.P. training from prestigious institute. So he is provides surety of quality.
Corporate Profile
  • The Company Was Established in 2014. Produces More Than 40 Types Of Blended Spices And Grounded Spices etc.
  • The Company Doing Work in B2B Businesses in Commercial Level.
  • The Company Is Supplying Products To Multinational Brands, Local Brands Or MLM Industries.
  • CASCAB Launched Its E-COMMERCE & Direct Selling Platform in 2020.
  • Compensation plan of company is the most attractive with highest in the DSM industry today.
  • It began with a 1500 feet² factory with 20 employers. Now it has grown into a big establishment of approximately 22000 feet².
  • The company has approx prominent department’s purchase, R&D, Production quality control, Packing, Delivery, Logistic, and Accounts & IT Departments etc.
  • Company’s Operational Office is in BHOPAL (M.P.) India. 462038

Quality Policy

Products Specialty

  • assurance (100% pure products).
  • Maintain traditional values like aroma, taste and color.
  • Traditional Manufacturing Process with Technology.
  • Maintain Medicated Property (CASCAB products is tasty and healthy products In the olden times also masala is used to specify various kinds of diseases in Ayurveda)
  • Homemade type products.
  • Ensure Premium Quality & Taste.
  • Way of purchase (All row material is cleaned properly and process properly).

Production plant & Quality control

It began with a 1500 sq. ft. factory and 20 employees. Now it has grown into a big establishment of approximately 22,000 sq. ft. factory having modern and sophisticated machinery.

The plant is equipped with latest and advanced machinery like Hammer Mill (Candup), Pulverizes, Roasters, Blending Machines, cabinet Driers, Electronic Weighing Machines and Automatic Filling, Weighing and Sealing Machines, pouch packing machine etc. The company production capacity is approx 3.5 tons per day. Currently production capacity is approx 300 tons per month.

Use Traditional Manufacturing Process with Technology (by kutai) so Maintain traditional values like aroma, taste, color and Also Maintain Medicated Property. We have ingrained quality checks into all our systems right from raw material sourcing, cleaning, manufacturing and processing to packaging. Preserving the prime quality of the natural ingredients and retaining their purity of taste and aroma is of paramount importance to us. We have achieved this by minimizing thermal treatment and developing unique methods of seasoning and ‘aroma sealing-in’ packs.

Our R&D department is working on to introduce more tasty and healthy masala without losing the medicated property products to the consumer. Provide all spices without Preservatives and Chemicals so 100% Pure Spices made and their test is like a homemade.

Production Portfolio

All the company’s products are sold under the brand name of CASCAB. Our brand is very well established in the market. CASCAB’s product portfolio includes spices like Red Chilli powder, Coriander powder and Turmeric powder as well as blended spices like Sabji masala, Garam masala, Chaat masala, Raita masala Jaljeera masala, Panipuri masala, Pav bhaji masala, Sambar masala, Egg curry masala, Fish curry masala, Chicken masala, Mutton masala, Briyani masala etc.