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About Lalitpur

Lalitpur is one of the well known districts of Uttar Pradesh. Lalitpur District is a part of Jhansi Division and was carved out as a district in the year 1974. It is connected to Jhansi District by a narrow corridor to the northeast, otherwise almost surrounded by Madhya Pradesh state. The city is bounded by various dams like Rajghat Dam, Matateela Dam, Govind Sagar Dam, Sehjaad Dam, Saajnam Dam, Rohini Dam and Jamini Baandh. Among all Govind Sagar Dam is one of the largest dam of the district. Devgarh, Seeronji, Pavagiri, Devamata, Neelkantheshwar at Pali and Machkund ki Gufa are some of the Lalitpur attractions that lure travellers from all over India. Moreover, Lalitpur town has variety of places like many Hindu & Jain temples. Raghunathji (Bada Mandir), Shivalay, Boodhe Babba (Hanumanji), Tuvan Mandir for Hindus & Bada Mandir, Ata Mandir & Kshetrapalji for Jains are famous temples. All these attractions have a unique place in the culture and history of the city. Tourists can comfortably reach Lalitpur by air, rail and road. The nearest airport to Lalitpur is Bhopal Airport which is about 141.2 KM away. Since the city is very well connected to the other parts of the country, the question of how to reach Lalitpur is automatically solved.

Now lets have a glance at some Tourists and Historical places of Lalitpur:

Tourists Places Of Lalitpur

Dashavatar Temple: This fine Gupta temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is the earliest known Panchyatan temple in north India, scenes from Vaishnava mythology.

Jain Temples: 31 Jain temples are somewhat later in origin than the Vishnu temple, but are no less remarkable.

Deogarh Archaeological Museum: It has a fine collection of sculpture, discovered from the surrounding.

Historical Places Of Lalitpur

Cave of Muchukand, temple of Lord Shri Krishna: Here Persian King Kalyawan was killed by Muchukand. In this way Shri Krishna saved the war and blood shed, rescued lots of girls and prisoners from Kalyawan's custody.

Neelkantheshwar: Temple of Lord Shiva. The idol of Lord Shiva is unique in that it has three heads, considered to be only Avatar of Lord Shiva. It is located in Pali, Lalitpur.

Matateela Dam: It was built in 1958 on Betwa River. This earthen dam is 35 m high. Its total area is around 20 km with a max storage capacity of 1132 million cubic mt., nested between numbers of small hills.

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Dashavatar Temple Neelkantheshwar Idol CASCAB HIGHWAY TREAT

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